Rifle Skills, Night Fighting, Combat Team Tactics Review Sept 2016: Chris


What a great experience, which I look forward to repeating. The instruction was truly enlightening as I was unfamiliar with combat team tactics in a woodland environment. Differing significantly from individual tactical training, I have gained a greater appreciation for traversing terrain, physical conditioning needs and team engagement, communication and movement through the class. The instructors were superb. Their teaching was backed by real world experience, not theoretical nonsense nor bravado based opinion. They were firm, kept safety at the forefront yet were understanding and respectful to students who were new to their ranks. I guess I should not be so surprised, as true warriors and masters are humble in their craft yet ever confident in their performance, and this was certainly the case with Max, Chris and Scott. I’m not sure if it was the specific class or what, but I felt a great camaraderie with Max, the cadre, and my fellow classmates that will/have extended beyond the class.


Exposure to hands-on execution of instruction, a knowledgeable cadre of instructors, clear yet comprehensive curriculum and great facilities made it one of the best learning experiences I have come encountered. The amount of knowledge is significant and will challenge any novice, and for greater mastery, additional repetitions of the elements will be required, even challenging the veteran. The curriculum is very rich with comprehensive exposure to experienced backed TTPs yet compacted into a short time frame. So whether it’s the first time or a repeat of the class, I am sure I will learn something new each time. This was a great 4 days and frankly the value in what was learned is worth double or more in price. I have found no greater value in tactical instruction than Max Velocity Tactical and have already signed up for my next class (Combat Rifle Skills).

MVT – 2016 Sept – RS, NODF, CTT

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