Review of ‘Patriot Rising’ by Partyzanski

If you are wondering about the lack of posts, nothing but student reviews from Idaho, it’s because I am still out west travelling.

Partyzanski of ‘Stop Shouting!’ blog just posted this review of ‘Patriot Rising:’



PZ reviews “Patriot Rising: The Unbroken”, the second of two fictional “enterTRAINment” novels by Max Velocity. “Patriot Rising” continues on from where “Patriot Dawn” left off, and continues to offer valuable insight and guidelines in training, tactics and procedures in an easy-to-read and gripping style.

“As you may recall from his last book I reviewed, I coined the term “entertrainment” for the combination of engaging story line, believable human characters and word pictures of tactics, techniques and procedures that directly relate to the story and its development. It is a means to train your intellect and sensitize you to the actual conduct of operations and planning that are inherent in any military operation so that when you see the material again, it is not foreign to you.”

“…While the intensity of the combat as Max writes it may stun and shock some Readers, any casual review of combat in lesser reported areas will show you the truth of the matter to be as depicted”