Review: HEAT 1 Combat Tactics April 2024: Jordan

Everyone who is into firearms training needs to take this class. Max and Scott have a vast knowledge on firearms training and history. They took safety very important and at no time during the class did I feel unsafe or hesitant. The class took the pace of a crawl walk run, and everything you did from the first drill on came together at the end. This class will show you how normal training classes and flat range shooting can have a negative impact your ability on a two-way range.

The first two days on flat range classes taught you the basic handling and manipulations of the AR15 platform. From zeroing the rifles to malfunction drills. I noticed how the regular training and competition shooting I have done in the past could be a burden in a combat situation. At times during the drills, I would just assume I would need a combat reload without taking time catching my breath and checking the gun before can really bite you in the ass. After the basics we worked on movement, cover/concealment and more. All that you did on the first two days would come into play on the 3 rd and 4 th day on the tactical range.

On the last two days we went into the hills to the tactical range. We did all the same drills and movements here as we did on the flat range just in differing terrains. At first, we may have felt a bit intimidated by the terrain features but by day two we seemed to be working more as a team together. Communication is key on these days. You have got to be as loud as you possibly can. When multiple guns are up and running you will not hear anything. Also do not get sucked into targets you have got to look around and observe your surrounding during these drills. Another thing needed for these days is good cardio by the time you are done with these drills you are smoked. The two days on the tactical range are hands down the best part and you will be itching for more by the time you are done.

Take heed and read on the forums before hand and take their equipment recommendations very seriously. Do not cheap out and use PSA rifles or other cheap brands. Loctite down all your sights, lights, and accessories. These are life saving devices do not cheap but your life is worth it. The most important equipment you are bringing is yourself. Come in prepared to go up and down some big hills. So come fit with solid rifles and kit. 4wd vehicles are a must too.

In conclusion I believe anyone who is wanting to take their training seriously needs to come take these classes. You will learn so much you did not know about this world. Come to these classes with an open mind and always listen to Max and Scott especially when you are just sitting around and on lunch breaks because that is where the knowledge bombs are dropped. Thank you again Max and Scott for hosting these classes.

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