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Will you be ready?

No, I’m not talking about the societal collapse that we can all see coming and for which we are reading this forum to gather information on how to prepare. Nor am I talking about the SUT classes teaching TTP, which many of us have decided to learn what we’ll be needed to help survive that collapse. All of that is great and needed but when the SHTF does happen, it will be most likely a slow downward spiral that will take days, weeks or maybe longer to become life threatening to you, your family and friends.

I’m talking about the more immediate threats like the 50 killed at the Orlando nightclub, 12 killed Aurora movie theater, 13 killed Fort Hood, 32 killed Blacksburg Virginia Tech., 23 killed Luby’s Cafeteria, 21 killed McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, Calif. On the other hand, maybe it is a lone attack in parking garage, a park, a hiking trail, at mall or any one of the many attacks that never get mass media coverage but are just as devastating to the victims and their families.

These immediate acts of violence could happen to you or someone you love today or tomorrow so how do you prepare — books, YouTube videos?

Alternatively, why not take the time to be trained I mean really take some no bullshit training at a Defensive Concealed Handgun class. First Sergeant Scott’s class that I  just completed this weekend is training that may very well keep you or your loved ones alive, whether or not when it comes to a pistol you are a beginner or experienced you will not be disappointed. Following other MVT classes Crawl, Walk, Run philosophy you start with a lecture on safety, equipment, legal and moral responsibilities involved in carrying a concealed handgun and are taught ways to help reduce the chances of becoming a victim of violent crime.

Above: Scott (teaching Rifle here)

Moving on to the square range you learn the proper draw and re-holstering of your pistol and the first test of your marksmanship which you’ll find vastly improves after two days of drills and scenarios. Scott shows you a couple of great drills that you can use practice later that run through many of the techniques taught in the class using only a 50 round box of ammunition.

In addition, don’t forget the malfunction drills that if you don’t know how to clear could very well mean that you are holding a club instead of a functioning pistol. Then there’s strong hand only shooting and clearing malfunction drills and then support or “weak hand” only shooting and clearing malfunction drills that help round out the “don’t know what you don’t know”.

Where to sit in restaurants and how to extricate yourself from a seated position to shoot an assailant are discussed and practiced. Scott also demonstrates how that Tueller drill is not the end-all- be-all when it comes to keeping assailants at a distance and how if it is followed to the letter could get you killed.

Then come the scenarios set up by Scott and the other students forcing each student to think if this is a shoot or no shoot situation because in the end you are legally responsible for every round that leaves your pistol and shooting one of the many no shoot targets is a big no-no.

Even though not listed on the class handout a separate Night Fire session is available, which is well worth the extra money, where you learn the use of pistol and flashlight whether hand held or weapon mounted. You will also learn trough demonstration and drills how maybe just the use of a flashlight might be enough to deter a would be assailant. What you don’t think the Night Fire class is necessary then you must never go out at night — right. Take the class because you aren’t going to be able to practice these drills in the dark at your local indoor square range in all likelihood.

Add the Defensive Concealed Handgun class to your preparedness schedule for that day or night comes you are faced with having to defend yourself or a loved one when all you wanted was to pick something up at the store, grab a quick meal, visit a nightclub or go to the movies — it is money and time well spent.

Wild Bill

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