Reminder: Alumni Weekend

Here is the original post about the ‘Alumni Weekend: Hard Labor, Beer, Shooting (+ Workshop) – June 7/8,’ which is happening this weekend.

A couple of additional points:

1) The Saturday is mainly going to be about cutting up and clearing downed trees, stacking wood, in the valley, near where the square range has been built and many trees pushed over. I also need a ‘special team’ of about 4 to accompany me to the tactical ranges to take down some bullet ridden trees and do some clearing there while I dig a new target pit and do some other range repairs.

2) Attendance right now is around 20 – 30. If you already RSVP’d and happen to read this, can you just confirm this week, so I can pass numbers to my wife, for the catering.

3) We will be providing a BBQ Saturday evening. If you bring drinks (alcoholic is acceptable, as is soda) and if your wife is not too upset about the weekend, or is coming with you, any food additions you want, such as deserts/sides, would be helpful.

4) There is now a porta-john at the main parking area and camping is opening up in the main holler right by the parking area, accessible to your cars.

5) If you need directions, email me and I will send them.

6) Sunday is a do what you want day. We will have some fun competitive shoots on the square range. I am also still open to offers of ad hoc seminar style training.

7) Drive slowly on the dirt road up to the site, particularly past the white house on the left, where grandchildren sometimes play. Keep the dust and speed down. CRCD student from NY this weekend – yes you, city slicker – you were spotted on your way home, and I heard all about it. Thanks.

The rest of the detail should be in the original post.