Pointers on Class Fitness Standards

It does continue to amaze me that in some minority cases, students fail to appreciate the need to be physically prepared for classes. This results in a less than optimum learning experience. I think it is fairly plain in all the publicity that MVT classes are adapted light infantry combat tactics.

This is not an age thing, because I have had spry 67 year olds run the classes, better than not-so-spry 30-somethings. It’s about the individual, not the age.

It is true that we offer Tactical Fitness Training Plans. These plans are aimed at your whole life project, and not just for class, and the truth is that many are too lazy to attempt them. The better your fitness, the better your overall performance at life.


However, in order to be ready for class, you just need to be able to do a minimum level of fitness. Part of this is a basic cardio level, and then there is the ability to get up and down from both kneeling and prone positions. That is, while holding your rifle safely muzzle down to the front, and without using excessive force or leverage to push yourself up from kneeling, perhaps by pushing on a knee while unsafely waving your muzzle around.

So here is a simple standard. Not a training plan to get you to it, but a simple standard to gauge if you are ready for a class:

  • Find a 100 yard stretch of ground. ‘Enemy’ is beyond the 100 yard line.
  • Carry a rifle, or something to simulate one.
  • Carry the rifle in  the ‘patrol ready’ position to your front, butt stock in the shoulder, muzzle down.
  • Begin:
    • Dash 5 yards, kneel, wait 5 seconds.
    • Dash 5 yards, go prone, wait 5 seconds.
    • Repeat, alternating kneeling and prone, to 100 yards.
    • Come back from 100 yards to the start, same deal as going forwards, but running to the rear and each time you kneel or go prone, face back to the enemy.
    • Wait 30 seconds.
    • Repeat.

Note: The ‘dash’ needs to be a fast sprint, perhaps adding a zig-zag.

Can you do that without excessive fatigue? Then you are ready for class. Can’t? Do some PT.

You want to consider the need to get up from prone to kneeling, and from kneeling to standing. This incorporates upper body strength (push-ups) with thigh strength (squats/lunges).

Need training plan?