Photo: CRCD Feb 1/2

Courtesy of ‘F’:



It was a good CRCD class this last weekend. 9 students, including a four man fire team from Tennessee, and two buddy pairs made up of brothers, making up another fire team.

I hope to get some AARs in, which I will put up.

Looking forwards, classes are filling up from March onward, with some of the summer classes already reaching near capacity.

However, the Feb 24 CRCD seems to be the odd class out, with little interest. All this talk about the need to train, and training is available right there. Read the training AARs. So, I’m going to put out a final call for the Feb 24 class. To allow all to get maximum benefit from the training, and to allow students to conduct the final squad level hasty attack, I am going to start a minimum class size requirement: 8 students minimum.

I will give it until Sunday 9th, and if the Feb 24 class size does not achieve 8 students, I will cancel the class and give those already booked, or who may book this week, the option of return of their deposit, or move it to another class. There is still space on the March 15th class, which would be the ideal alternative.

Live Hard.

Die Free.