New: Class Schedule Updates / Additions 2018 (2019)

The first pass of the class schedule for the remainder of 2018 is now up on the calendar and available for booking.

This first pass does not yet include new Defensive Handgun (DCH) and Hostile Environment Marksmanship (HEMS). That will be up shortly.


This is the outline:

April 19 – 22: HEAT 1. 3 spaces available.

May 5 – 6: Long Range Marksmanship (LRMS). 1 space available.

New: May 26 – 27: Alumni Live Fire Weekend (CTT / HEAT 1 Alumni).

June 9 – 10: Hostile Environment Marksmanship (HEMS). Previously Combat Rifle, no fitness prerequisite, held on the flat range. Space available.

June 22 – 24: Close Quarter Battle Course. 1 space available.

July 14 – 15: Defensive Handgun. Space available.

New: August 4 – 5: Alumni Live Fire Weekend (CTT / HEAT 1 Alumni).

New: August 23 – 26: HEAT 1.

New: September 15 – 16: HEAT Force on Force. No training prerequisite. Excellent for beginners and experienced alumni.

New: October 14 – 21: HEAT Combat Leader.

New: November 1 – 4: HEAT 2.


New: February 17 – 22: Texas (1).

New: February 24 – March 1: Texas (2).

Spring 2019 at the VTC Romney will be scheduled this fall.


1) The focus of MVT Tactical Classes is the Velocity Training Center (VTC) Romney. This is because we have continued, and will continue, to upgrade and improve the facility to bring you the best training value and experience. MVT Tactical Classes are unique and are complemented by the facility at the VTC. Yes, that may involve travel for students, who would best see this as attending a special facility, which it is. Do not hold your breath, other than the Texas Classes (which are well established), for mobile tactical classes.

2) Scott has run several DCH and HEMS classes mobile in various parts of the country. It may be that the focus of any mobile classes will shift to these firearms classes. We are in discussion over this. These classes have no fitness prerequisite, only require a flat range, and allow you to bring Scott to you to better facilitate training of your team. If you would like to host one, please get in touch.

3) Bookings: 

We just had a fiasco with the HEAT 2 class which was scheduled for May 24 – 27. Memorial day is on the 28. Originally, we responded to student requests and put on a combined 7 day class that week. But it did not book. We then changed that to a standalone HEAT 2, but it was already a dud.  Occasionally, due to scheduling clusters, we get that. We have rescheduled with the Alumni Live Fire Weekend, which is a bargain ($300) training-live-fire-fest for alumni, and with only 1.5 days of training, you are home Sunday evening for Memorial day activities.

The flip side of that is the fact that as classes approach, I am looking 3, 2 and 1 month out at the numbers, and making decisions, I am trying to determine if we have a dud. The reason is that MVT tactical classes require numbers to work. We need 8 minimum for most tactical live fire, and we really want 18 for Force on Force. If you are wanting to be on a class, then send a deposit as early as you can, preferably 3 months out. I am not psychic and it lets me know the class is a go.

Yes, I know we have our booking policies. They are more focused on last minute cancellations (within 30 days) which when someone has held a spot, has often prevented others booking due to the limited class spaces and late notice. But I mostly work with people and their deposits, particularly if they cancel far enough out, by transferring it to another class. So If you are serious about training, you don’t lose. Booking far enough out ensures you secure a space on the popular classes, ensures that I do not cancel, but if the class turns out to be a dud and I cancel then you get your money back or can transfer it to another class.

Thanks, and see you at class.