MVT Tactical Quick Reference Guide

I’ve started working on an MVT Tactical Quick Reference Guide. It is my next (current) writing project. It is something I have considered before, to support the Combat Patrol class, but I was fully kicked into action after a suggestion during the AAR at the Missouri private 6 day class that just finished.

So rather than a handout, and not just for the Combat Patrol class, this will be a small book that will retail and will condense the teachings of MVT into a reference guide. A short version of Contact! if you like, without the explanations. Think of it as a civilian version of the Ranger Handbook. Of course, just like the Ranger Handbook, it won’t do you any good to just read it, you have to train to understand it.

Also, I just completed a site defensive survey at the end of the Missouri class, so you should know that along with private classes that can be held on your  or a neighbors land, you can also arrange a professional site defensive survey.