MVT Rifleman Challenge: Signing Up

rifleman patch single


Just a quick note: I am hearing from or about lots of people who are attending the MVT Rifleman Challenge on the 27th March. Those numbers far exceed the numbers of those who have officially signed up. I get it: many of you are still trying to see if you can get your PT up there, etc.

For my planning purposes, can you please get in touch and confirm. If possible, by the end of February,  so I can plan the logistical support, numbers of Marshals. etc. There are a lot of people who want to do the marshaling, so they can get a heads up for the fall event! Right now, I have more Marshal volunteers  than  booked attendees!

This is not like one of my usual classes where it is restricted to 12 students. It is designed so it can be a larger event. However, I need to know if you are planning on actually showing up, or not.

BTW: on the actual MVT RIFLEMAN CHALLENGE page, I added some information to dispel the fear of many that this is TOO hard. I have had to reinforce the point that there are periods of instruction and we don’t expect you to be an SOF ninja when you show up. It is an instructional and testing event, to standard. Just expect to work hard, be challenged, and for it to be physical 3 days. What you put in, you will get out.

‘Facebook’ is signed up! For those that did the 6 day with her. The first female MVT Rifleman? MVT Vanguard?

Sep 6 Day 5

Drive on!