MVT Forum: A Tactical Forum for the Armed Citizen

Vision: to provide a forum for the constructive discussion of all matters tactical and related, as an alternative to ‘tacticool’ forums propagating unsuitable and non-combat effective tactics. To do this while remaining free from dogma, or falling into narrow thinking. A open minded and constructive approach.

Intent: to educate civilians in the correct ways to conduct tactics, and hence increase the survivability and effectiveness of such civilians when facing tactical threats.

To avoid: narrow thinking, clear intent to commit civil disobedience against legitimate government, terrorist threats or conspiracy, radical political agendas. All crazy far out theories, whether true or not! 

Legitimacy is imperative. 

Acceptable: discussions on Liberty and threats to it, societal collapse, and fighting potential enemies foreign or domestic. Resistance to threats of tyranny, foreign invasion or the like.


The forum is live now and has an administrator and a new team of moderators. Please register and join the chat. Enjoy!

MVT_Contractor Patch_Forum


Live Hard.

Die Free.