Married Couple Student Review: 6 Day Private Class, Missouri: DW & JW


DW, Husband, sends:

I just finished the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) and Combat Patrol (CP) classes with Max in a private class in Missouri, all I can say is wow, I was expecting some hard core angry drill instructor yelling in my face, it was anything but that, Max is down to earth and one hell of an instructor. Don’t get me wrong, if you screw up, you’re going to get corrected but you should be, it’s live fire.

Going into this training I had a couple AR-15’s and a thousand rounds of ammo and thought I was OK in a collapse situation. After the first three days of training I realized I was just another redneck with an AR-15. I knew how to shoot them and change mags, but not on the level that is required in a combat situation. The training that Max provided is priceless, you can just tell that he genuinely cares about the people he is training.

My background is basically hunting, paintball and ccw, no military. The tactics and formations Max teaches are simple to comprehend and as long as you can keep your head in the game, are easy to execute. What amazes me the most about the classes is, Max can take the average Joe and turn him or her into a valuable tactical asset, whether it be  on your team or just able to handle a gun. If you are worried about the way the direction of this world or just this country is headed, this type of training is a must in my opinion.

I took this classes with my wife and would advise those guys who are thinking about these classes to at least talk with their wives about doing it with them, if you have young kids like we do, you at least have to think about the possibility of you getting injured or worse killed then who is the next line of defense, if your kids are young it will be your wife, at a minimum you at least want her to be able to handle, reload, shoot and clear malfunctions. It is a huge relief to me knowing that my wife can protect my family if need be.

One more thing that Max provides, that is probably the most valuable is that he can come out to your property and do a site survey. Max provided came out for remote training  in Missouri, which allowed us the opportunity to set up real life scenarios at our own property. Max also performed a site survey of our property and gave us a detailed defense plan for our own property. I would without a doubt give Max a 15 out of 10 for the training he provided for us.



JW, Wife, sends:

I recently finished a 6 day course with Max and 7 other students which consisted of 3 days of Combat Team Tactics and 3 days of Combat Patrol. This was a private training course in Missouri. Our class consisted of myself (a 35 year old, registered nurse, wife and mother) to high ranking former military personnel and much more in between.

I had very little knowledge of the AR-15 prior to this course and after day 1 of CTT I was confident that I could clear simple malfunctions on my own independently and SAFELY. By day 2 of CTT I was able to run basic drills with the rifle. By day 3, I was sure that I could take this training back home, and in my husband’s absence, protect my home and my children in the event of full collapse situation. But, it didn’t stop there. We then went into 3 days of Combat Patrol where we learned how to set up an ambush, how to EFFECTIVELY patrol and even set up a raid. This training to me is invaluable. Most importantly I learned how not to become a victim simply because I am a woman. The training was tailored in such a way that I never felt it was more than I could handle. In between live firing drills, Max spoke and lectured, then we rehearsed, then we implemented. Safety was always priority number 1.

If you have done your research on Max you know he’s for real. His training and teaching abilities go above and beyond anything I could have imagined and more than a former US Marine with 30 + years of service had ever seen.  He tailors his lessons to the whole group leaving no one behind based on their PT level or skill sets. I personally feel if I can do this anyone can. I am looking forward to more training in the future and would highly recommend these two Max Velocity Training classes.

I would go one step further and encourage any man reading this review to show this to his wife, girlfriend, sister, or even mother. I am writing this review to help get the word out that these classes offered aren’t just for men. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed with what Max has to offer.






Max Adds: A note on gear: There were a number of students on this class sporting a variety of MVT Chest Rigs. After using a 556 Patrol Rig (6 mag configuration), JW (review above) has purchased one of the new 556 Responder Rigs (4 mag configuration). Although this was not the original intent with the development of this rig (that being: fast, light, less mags, more low profile), it turns out that this 4 mag kydex configuration is ideal for slimmer /smaller students, or women. So if you are looking for a rig for your wife I urge you to consider the 4 mag Responder rig. For detail and to purchase, click the link: