Tactical Classes

Classes specialized in the teaching of compact proven, adapted, legitimate light infantry tactics, techniques and procedures.

Mobile Classes

MVT is available for Mobile Class Bookings across the country.

Suitable mobile classes:

Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH)
HEAT 0.5
HEAT 1 / HEAT 2 live fire hybrid i.e. 6 day combination.

Any of these classes utilizing AirSim or a combination of live fire and AirSim.
Convoy Tactics / live fire drills.

Please email to begin a discussion on running a private class for your group: info@maxvelocitytactical.com

For fly-in flat range and tactical classes, there are some basic considerations.


25 meter range (or longer) with target stands / backers / space for the number of students.
Barrels / barricades or similar.
Covered seating lecture area with magnetic whiteboard.
Suitable private land for live fire tactical drills.

Tactical targets and misc. equipment will be shipped in.

Voluntary for tactical classes: students purchasing CITTAC ground & pound steel (8) to put behind the targets to produce more active hit feedback. These are kept by the class / individual students after.

Please note:

  1. Scheduled open enrollment classes are available at the Velocity Training Center near Romney in West Virginia. The advantage here are the purpose built ranges and facilities.
  2. We also offer mobile classes. We will travel to you and run a private class on suitable land. We offer the standard MVT training class progression, or combination of classes. Training progression and prerequisites remain as standard. For private mobile class bookings, we will quote a daily rate inclusive of travel.
  3. Texas classes (button below) are a multi-year training event in February.

Texas 2019

MVT can be extremely flexible with mobile classes. Depending on the travel distance, cadre will either drive or fly to your location. Fly-in classes offer flexibility to fly in, run the class, and fly out. This includes tactical classes.

Class progression / prerequisites apply as per open enrollment classes. We can offer hybrid with the necessary training and safety progression built in.

Tactical Class function Fitness Prerequisites

This class requires a fitness prerequisites in order to participate. This is done to make sure you are able to handle the course and everything involved with completing the classes.

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