Kydex Insert Upgrade for VERSA Mk 1 Available

The Kydex insert upgrades are available for those with the VERSA Mk 1. This allows you to remove the pull tabs from the magazine pouch tops. The kydex inserts fit into the Velcro that is already in your mag pouches.

This upgrade is available only to those who already have the VERSA Mk 1 (5.56 / .308). This is any rig either from the current or previous OEM.

We will supply you with 6 x 5.56 and 5 x .308 inserts. The insert quantity is not negotiable – it is an upgrade and not an open sale of kydex inserts.

Cost: $45 + $9.99 shipping flat rate = $54.99.

I will not put this up on the gear store, it will just be announced here. So for payment please use the standard order form for class payments (or the ‘donate now’ button on the right of the forum, it takes you to the same place). Send an accompanying email with your mailing address.

Thank you.