June 22/23 Training Weekend AAR – Just Received

AAR June 22/23

If I had to choose one word to describe the experience I had with Max and the knowledge I received at his hands it would be this: MANDATORY!  If you own a battle rifle or any type of firearm and do not possess the knowledge to use it safely and tactically, then why do you have it?

I have owned weapons and hunted all my life.  I regret having never served in our nation’s military – thank you to those who have – I mean that sincerely.  The weekend with Max was a huge eye opener for me.  It’s all well and good to sit back with your buddies and talk about how you would react when TEOTWAWKI happens, but what will you actually be able to do with all the cool gear and weapons that you have?    I trained with open sights this weekend.  I figured that if I could do the course with iron sights I sure would be able to do it with anything else as well.  I love technology, but hate relying on it alone.  Skills trumps stuff any day.

Max was an incredible host, well prepared, knowledgeable and able to communicate the material professionally and practically no matter the skill level of the participant in my group.  He was patient and ever mindful of our abilities and was sensitive to our tolerances.  He never pushed anyone further than they could go, but encouraged everyone to do their best – remember that this training could save the lives of you and your loved ones.

To say the range was very cool would be an understatement.  I’ve never been in the woods, simulating contact drills with live ammo and reactive target systems.  Although no one was firing back at me, the adrenaline was pumping and it was very realistic.  Having a working knowledge of my gear and weapons system was paramount to getting the most out of this weekend.  Max also gave me some tips for caring for my weapon and taught me some practical pointers that I wouldn’t have gotten from the local gun store or Bass Pro Shop.

I plan on returning to Max and his range for continued training and preparation.  A sincere Thank You to you and your family Max for helping me take the next step in my training.  Peace.

“Doc” in North Carolina