July 20/21 Training Weekend AAR # 3

My dad and I just completed the Combat Rifle course with Max Velocity Tactical last weekend.  Let me start off by saying that this was an amazing eye-opening experience that was truly a blast.  Max is a true professional and an excellent instructor.  I’m active duty military and the training I received with Max this past weekend was on a completely different level than anything I have done on Active Duty.  He teaches you in a crawl, walk, run format to ensure you are ready and comfortable with the lesson/objectives before you fire your first shot.   You learn the fundamentals in a relaxed classroom environment then execute the lessons on the range.  If you are considering taking this class I would HIGHLY recommend it.  I don’t know how I can return to a square-range after taking this course.  I usually don’t write testimonials for anything, but this experience was AWESOME and I believe you owe it to yourself to sign up for this class.  You won’t be disappointed!  
Aaron W.