How to Train: Open Enrollment vs. Private Classes: Clarification

I’ve had some questions about how to train with MVT, stemming from my announcement back in October 2018 about a slight change in direction on class scheduling. From the Home & Training Pages on the MVT website:

How To Train With Max Velocity Tactical

Open Enrollment Classes: MVT offers a schedule of open enrollment classes. The classes can be found by either scrolling the Training Calendar, or find the class you want in the ‘Training Classes‘ page, click on it, and any available open enrollment classes will be shown with dates at the top right of the page. Click the dates you want, to go to the booking page for that event. 

Private Classes: Velocity Training Center (VTC) (Romney, WV): MVT will run any class for a group, at the Velocity Training Center, for a standard daily rate. Email:

(*See below for clarification on this.)

Corporate Team Building / Leadership Development Events: MVT offers unique and unsurpassed corporate events, utilizing airsim training rifles for structured force on force training. Email:

Private Classes: Mobile / Fly-in: MVT will run standard or tailored classes at any suitbable location in the US for a standard daily rate. For mobile class booking information, see THIS LINK


There is a schedule of open enrollment classes posted. You can also organize private training classes. These private training classes can either be at the VTC in Romney, or elsewhere (see the link above about mobile / fly-in classes).

For example, HEAT 1 is currently scheduled in April and August 2019. April is currently full. If these dates do not suit, you can approach me and we can agree a date and I will run the class for you.

There are two ways you can organize a non-scheduled training class at the VTC:

  1. Run it as a private class for your group for a standard daily rate, very similar to the mobile / fly-in class system. It’s at the VTC, and thus has the full designed training facility available.
  2. You have a smaller group and want more students to fill the class. We schedule the class as a new open-enrollment and open up the remainder of the spaces to others – thus it becomes a new open enrollment class.

Relevant Links:

Training Calendar

Training Classes

Prerequisites / Fitness Assessment

Most classes do not require a training prerequisite. They are designed to have a skill and safety progression within the curriculum. HEAT 2 does require HEAT 1. There are recommended levels of training for each class, even without a published training prerequisite. Thus, CQBC has no prerequisite, but the class description advises being able to competently run and manipulate your rifle for a better training experience. Some self-assessment is required, and for example HEAT 1 would be great to do before CQBC.

HEAT 1 is an excellent class and serves as the prerequisite to HEAT 2, but should also be a voluntary part of your progression (and return) for most other classes.

The functional fitness assessment is required for all classes that venture off the flat range. It takes less than 6 minutes and is a specifically functional assessment in order to promote safety and a better learning experience for all students at class. It may require some specific training for the functional nature of the exercises. It is simply a baseline assessment.