HEAT 1 Added: December 5-8

Due to the demand for the HEAT 1 class, and the current classes being at capacity, I have added a HEAT 1 class to the schedule from December 5-8.

This is a great opportunity to train without the burden of heat / humidity. Chance of snow in early December in West Virginia is light. If you are looking to run plate carriers and test out gear, it’s a great opportunity.

Also, for those looking to attend a HEAT 0.5 class and return to complete the tactical portion, you can attend HEAT 0.5 in September and return for this December HEAT 1 class. I would prefer it if you volunteered to do the Friday as well as the weekend, because more training is better training, but doing two days HEAT 0.5 and a two days HEAT 1 within 6 months is acceptable.

HEAT 1 Description Page (LINK)