Got PT?

I was feeling nostalgic.

Here is a video of some of ‘P Company’

Pegasus Company, otherwise known as Pre-Parachute Selection, is the threshold to UK Airborne Forces. There are actually three courses that allow you to progress to Airborne School in the UK:

Pegasus (‘P’) Company (Parachute Regiment/16 Air Assault Brigade)
Commando Course (Royal Marines/Commando Brigade)

Pre-Parachute selection allows you to progress to jump school and serve with 16 Air Assault Brigade. The Parachute Regiment has P Company as the basic selection requirement, they run it. The Parachute Regiment provides two Battalions to 16 Air Assault Brigade and one Battalion to the SFSG (Special Forces Support Group).

16 Brigade also runs the Pathfinder Platoon, which is a HALO trained recce force with its own additional selection course.

This level of PT, selection and conditioning will allow you to train soldiers up to the task of tactical operations in harsh conditions.

Got PT?