Future of SQUAD TACTICS 23-26 April

I’m looking towards the Squad Tactics class on 23-26 April. This is the 4 day successor to the CLC, and I have posted about it before. I only have one booking for this class at this time. Nuts.

HEAT 1 seems to be gaining in popularity (March is overbooked), so I am already looking at adding another HEAT 1 to the schedule. I am looking at 26 June, or maybe to replace the April Squad Tactics. Or maybe both.

So I need feedback on Squad Tactics. Are people planning on booking the class? If so, when? If not, why? Is there an issue with this class that I am not aware of? Is it the airsim, which some of you seem to have an issue getting up to date with?

There is a Squad Tactics scheduled for September. So maybe that is the only one we run. We run more HEAT 1 for people to get in and do the MVT basic training.

Without decent feedback I am going to cancel Squad Tactics in April, I still have enough time for people to switch on to another HEAT 1 class and start booking.

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