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        I’m looking towards the Squad Tactics class on 23-26 April. This is the 4 day successor to the CLC, and I have posted about it before. I only have one booking for this class at this time. That is nuts to me.

        HEAT 1 seems to be gaining in popularity (March is overbooked), so I am already looking at adding another HEAT 1 to the schedule. I am looking at 26 June, or maybe to replace the April Squad Tactics. Or maybe both.

        So I need feedback on Squad Tactics. Are people planning on booking the class? If so, when? If not, why? Is there an issue with this class that I am not aware of? Is it the airsim, which some of you seem to have an issue getting up to date with?

        There is a Squad Tactics scheduled for September. So maybe that is the only one we run. We run more HEAT 1 for people to get in and do the MVT basic training.

        Without decent feedback I am going to cancel Squad Tactics in April, I still have enough time for people to switch on to another HEAT 1 class and start booking.



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        Tony S

          It’s my intention of taking the April Squad Tactics class, but I wanted to wait until after I did the HEAT 1 class in March, both from an “am I ready to take the tactics class?” thought as well as from a “can I hold off on paying for 2 classes in one billing cycle” need. Assuming that there’s not an issue with my readiness, as in I wouldn’t be a detriment to others in the class, then I’m looking forward to the tactics class. My original hope if I can swing it was to take the tactics class in both April and September, turning down leadership roles in April but hopefully feeling more confident about stepping up to a team leader position in some missions during the September class. Let me know if you need ‘cash on the barrel’ in order to show intent to attend the class and I’ll suck it up and do it.

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            Well, one guy just went and paid, which isn’t helpful, because I need to make a decision in a day or so, and this will then need to be refunded or reallocated to another class. I would rather people just told me here, so I can make an informed decision.

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              Ok, so crickets. Thanks for all the input guys! Fuckers.

              Squad Tactics in April will be changed to HEAT 1. I will also add a HEAT 1 on 26 June.

              There is s still a Squad Tactics in September, which I will be keeping an eye on. CLC went away, and became squad tactics, These classes are excellent, but can’t be run without the people.

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              Average Joe

                Pardon me if I missed it but would someone be kind enough elaborate on the OPFOR role?

                Are they confined to “die in a loud, grotesque, military manner” or are they allowed to utilize initiative while staying within the guidelines for the training mission?

                Thanks and Y’all have a nice day.

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                  OPFOR works under 1SG, you work under his orders, so not the same as a being a student planning out operations and such.

                  It’s not completely devoid of educational value, you can stress test your kit, and yourself, you’ll often be in a static position but you might find yourself chasing down the students depending on the scenario and how the students execute the mission. Being OPFOR for CQB is extra nice because the airsim really shines at closer ranges and you get immediate feedback if you fuck up. You will be able to see the class’s fuck ups in a way they can’t, and you will also be privy to Max and 1SG’s feedback along with the students during the post-STX AARs.

                  If you’re within a reasonable driving distance of the VTC and have time to kill it can be a useful experience. Also, Appalachia is beautiful and excellent guerrilla terrain. 😍

                  That being said if Max doesn’t get the people for the class there’s no need for OPFOR.

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                  Average Joe

                    Thanks for the clarification.

                    Y’all have a nice day.

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