Combat Team Tactics & Rifle Skills Class Spaces April & May + Prices

After advertising the two spaces available in the April 8-10 Combat Team Tactics Class, due to the usual fluctuation in bookings and family emergencies, we have now ended up two spaces still available! Rifle Skills is still available on the Thursday 7 April for those booked on to the class, and it cannot be emphasized enough how much of a benefit that is to your overall training experience.

There has been some adjustment to the prices for classes going forward. These do not apply to the April CTT class which remains at $600, but the April Rifle Skills class has been reduced to $100 for the day, to encourage attendance. Alumni discounts are still available on this April CTT class, in case you are thinking of a last minute booking: in fact I will offer the 4 day RC/CTT Package to alumni for $500 total, for April only.

There are currently 3 spaces available on the May 13-15 CTT. From May onward, the new prices apply. This is designed to encourage attendance at the full 4 days of RS/CTT as a significant training event. CTT is $500, RS is $100, allowing attendance at the 4 day RS/CTT package for the same price as the current 3 day CTT package ($600).

There is also some space on the 2 day Combat Rifle Skills class on the 9-10 April, and space on the May 21-22 Active Shooter CCW class.

I understand that the class has grown from the original 2 day weekend CRCD, to the 3 day CTT, to encouragement to attend the 4 day RS/CTT class. I am attempting to promote a mindset where this training should not be viewed as something that can be ‘knocked out’ in a weekend, and is no cumbersome at 4 day, but rather as a significant training investment that should be viewed as a significant event that will need to be planned around, and some days taken off to account for travel and training time.

The training that we offer at MVT has grown as a direct result of our training experiences, and preparing you as best we can for self-defense / combat situations. You just can’t ‘tick the box’ with this stuff. CTT is 3 days for a reason, and you are encouraged to attend the precursor RS day also for a reason. In order to make it more financially attractive, MVT is offering the 4 day package for the same price as the 3 day class, which shows you that not profit, but results is our prime motivation.

Also see this previous post about the class availability and price changes: ‘Class Space in April: Combat Team Tactics & Combat Rifle Skills.