Combat Team Tactics 16-18 January

We had a great class this weekend, 8 students braving the perceived cold and ending up training in some great weather. The new fire area at thee schoolhouse helped with the breaks between lanes.

We had some returning alumni. Unfortunately, one student had to leave Saturday night after dinner, due to unavoidable work commitments. However, something he said stuck with me: he was a new student a but works in the private security industry, he has been to many training classes at other schools but he intends to return to MVT with his wife. I was happy to hear this, because his testimony was that we are running the school with the right attitude, somewhere where he would bring is wife to train. I have been pushing for couples and families to train, so this is good news. Several of the other students said the same, so we may have a couples class coming up!

CTT 16 Jan 1

CTT 16 Jan


CTT 16 Jan 2

CTT 16 Jan 3

CTT 16 Jan 4


NODF 16 Jan