Combat Leader Course (CLC) October 14 – 21

There are 3 spaces available to bring this class to the optimal numbers i.e 13 squad members.

This is an annual force on force full mission profile leadership / teamwork / tactics event. On the face of it this class is a significant investment in time and treasure but if you speak to any of the alumni from last year it is more than worth it in terms of skills learned.

CLC will not only supercharge your tactical knowledge and ability to act as a team member and leader under the closest conditions to simulated combat you can get, but it will also have direct beneficial effects across into your professional and personal lives.

Team work, leadership, decision making, leadership, communication, planning. In short, it is our premier class for the development of the Whole Warrior.

If you are serious about your tactical development, building the warrior mindset, and the protection of loved ones, then you need to fight to attend this class. There is none better.

In the past, we have had a student who had attended NO PREVIOUS MVT classes. he had attended a tactical class at another school. He learned what he was missing in terms of tactics knowledge in rehearsals and on mission as a squad member, until he led the final attack at the end of class.

For more information, take a look at the class page at THIS LINK.