Class Highlight: Combat Rifle Skills


The Combat Rifle Skills Class (CRS) can be described as a ‘Carbine 1’ class. It was designed as an introductory class for those without the confidence to move on to the tactical ranges. The Combat Team Tactics (CTT) class includes a day on the Square Range (Friday) with the option of attending the Rifle Skills class on the Thursday. The intent of Combat Rifle Skills is to offer a similar two day packet over the weekend, that will include a modified course of instruction based on the content of Rifle Skills and the Friday of CTT.

If you need more confidence and training up from the fundamentals to combat shooting techniques, then this is the class for you. The CRS class will be scheduled concurrent to other more advanced classes, such as CTT or the Citizen Close Combat (C3) classes. This makes it ideal for alumni or more advanced shooters to bring others to a training weekend, and have them do CRS while you attend CTT or C3.

This is the ideal class for your wife to attend , in order to build skills and confidence without the need to move onto the tactical ranges that same weekend.



CTT July Square Range


Combat Rifle Skills (CRS) is a two day square range based class. This class takes the first two days of the Combat Team Tactics (CTT) Class , which are the optional Thursday Rifle Skills (RS) and Friday Combat Rifle (CR) days, and offers them standalone over a weekend.

The intent of the class is to offer a skills building class to increase confidence and competence for those who do not feel they are ready to move onto the final two days of Combat Team Tactics (CTT) on the tactical ranges.


The class will cover, in outline:

  • Safety
  • Weapon Function and Operation (AR15 centric)
  • Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Grouping & Zeroing
  • Weapon Manipulation: malfunctions and stoppages
  • Shooting positions
  • Combat Shooting
  • Controlled Pairs, Hammer Pairs, Stream Fire
  • Combat mindset and stress effects
  • Support side shooting
  • Facing movements / ‘ready ups’
  • Reaction to Contact: RTR & Burst Movement

This class is primarily focused on increasing individual weapon handling / shooting skills and competence.

The progression is to attend the 3 day Combat Team Tactics (CTT) Class.

Cost: $350 per individual.

Family Discount: $250 per person for family groups i.e. Husband/Wife, Parent/Child.

Multi-Class: If you are booked on CTT, and a family member is on Combat Rifle Skills that same weekend, they will train for $200.

Round Count: 800-1000 rounds approx.

Types of Class Available

Open Enrollment Classes: These are listed on the Training Calendar / Class Schedule. Follow this link to Booking Training.

Group Private Classes: Training with your group has more value than training as an individual. To find out more, click HERE.


  • *Fighting Rifle: a semi-automatic battle rifle utilizing detachable magazines of minimum 20 round capacity. AR/AK type platforms are an example of a suitable rifle. The safety must be operable with the firing hand, by finger or thumb, without removing the hand from the pistol grip. 
  • *Rifle magazines: minimum eight.
  • *Ammunition: 800 rounds estimate.
  • *Load/Ammo carrying gear: i.e. battle belt/plate carrier/tactical vest
  • *Eye protection
  • *Ear protection. Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic ear protection, or a similar product, is recommended. These will cancel out the harmful sounds of weapons firing, while allowing you to hear commands. They are excellent for tactical training, and safety.
  • *Water source: canteen/camelback/ water bottles
  • *Bug Spray
  • *Knee Pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Rifle sling
  • Magazine dump pouch
  • Tactical gloves/mechanic style work gloves
  • Patrol pack/daypack
  • Boots with ankle support
  • Long pants, hiking or combat style
  • Long sleeved shirt/top
  • Sun screen
  • Spare socks & foot powder
  • Change of clothing
  • Rifle cleaning kit/lubricant