Aug 3/4 Training Weekend AAR # 1

The Combat Rifle / Contact Drill course that Max put on this past weekend was excellent. As a former Marine Infantryman I was very suprised at the amount I learned and revisons to my own SOP. Max has a very mild and easy going approach to his training which creates a fantastic learning enviroment for anyone at any level of experience. His non-dogmatic approach to what works versus what doesnt is very enlightening. He cuts out all the gimmicks and trains what works. A lot of what I learned was how to make things much more simple and therefore much more effecient. Team commands and communications for me were broken down and remade into a much better form through his course. My personal opinion of Max and what drives him is simple: passion to train people. To help them. He is a calm professional and has a passion to teach. There is no ego trip behind his desire to train.
As for any negative comments about Max’s course, I can honestly say I have none. The training was as realistic as possible without someone shooting back. The terrain is rugged and the enviroment is challenging. The course was very well done and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to further their training and get beyond the Square Range drills.