Asking Tactical / Gear Questions of Max / Cadre

Public Service Announcement

We often get tactical or gear questions coming in via email. There was a time when we would try and answer them all. Now, frankly we both cannot and will not.


Two main reasons:

1) We run unrivaled training classes. These training classes are of a depth, progression and content that we cannot express in an email, a blog post or a video. If you are serious about your tactical preparedness, then you need to start attending MVT classes. Your questions will be answered, either via the class content itself, or via access to cadre to ask additional questions.

2) We run the MVT FORUM. We made it into a $25 per year subscription forum. This changed it into a different beast. It is now the library for MVT articles (no longer on the blog) and a place for sensible and rational discussion, along with Intel analysis by experts, communications advice, and a host of other things. There was a psychosis out there with some once we put the subscription on – $25 per year – you probably blow more than that in a session eating your fat burgers and Krispy Kremes. Every day, I get a forum member make a comment along the lines of the one answer they received was worth the $25 subscription all on its own. If you do not think the MVT Forum offers at least $25 per year value, and you think everything should be free, we do not want you on the forum.

  • There are 3 free sections on the forum, one of which is dedicated to pre-class information. If you register but decline to pay the $25 via Paypal, then you do not get access to the forum.
  • The Forum allows you to ask those gear / class/ tactical related questions and get answers from cadre (If Max is not available) and also a number of MVT alumni and other experienced persons.  It both supports students before class, and then after class, as they progress and develop experience.
  • If you are only seeing MVT content, such as video from Texas, when it is re-posted on another site, and then coming back with questions for MVT, then you are wrong. Particularly if you are an alumni and are not following the MVT blog, and are not a member of the Forum. Show a little commitment to MVT, and a little commitment to serious tactical training, and you are more likely to get an answer back to your questions. No, you will not get an answer to a comment on a re-post on another site, or on Facebook, or whatever, even if we actually see it.
  • Before you ask a question about a class, go to the class page, read it, and see if you still have a question.
  • MVT does not have a ‘staff.’ Time is limited and we are using it to bring training product to you. We cannot spend all our time answering comments and questions in email and on social media. We focus on the MVT Forum to interact with students.

Thank you!

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