Alumni Live Fire Weekend August 4 – 5 + Early Bird Discounts

An excellent idea was raised at HEAT 2 recently. It grew out of the fact that the Thursday was the HEAT 1 revision day, and we had guys who last trained two years ago, and a lot has changed in that time.

So the idea is to run a low cost alumni weekend, with a cook-out on the Saturday night.

The idea would be to run live fire on the Tac Ranges and bring everyone up to speed on current TTPs: such as:

1) Assault through drills, which have changed.
2) The addition of manikins with the pop-ups for the assault through.
3) Running the lanes with the Move / Fire technique as well as classic F&M – retrain guys who have not done this to be able to.
4) Adding to the assault and break contact drills to advance understanding. Add kinks such as casualties, some free play.
5) Training on the new mult-target array locations on the tac ranges.
6) Add leadership positions like we are now doing with experienced alumni present, so we are running 5 man teams, alpha, bravo and team leader on the lanes.

We have recently, when we have a competent alumni, and on HEAT 2, been running 5 man teams to allow a leadership role; for that student to control the action as cadre usually do, with cadre as back-up.

The idea would be to focus for Saturday and Sunday morning on brief / explanation, rehearsal, and then execute, in quick order as far as safety and understanding will allow. This will bring alumni up to speed and also allow a lot of live fire and live fire progression. This 2 day event is designed to bring alumni back in who have less time to spare, who are put off by the 4 day classes, and perhaps wish the opportunity to hone their skills more often with lower cost and lower time-intensive training weekends.

Cost is $300 for the weekend, with early bird discounts until 1 June. $400 standard price after 1 June.

Bring your own food / drink contributions for the cookout. We have a large charcoal grill.

Team cabin is now insulated, sheathed and electrified, and will soon have a refrigerator.