AAR TC3 28 March 2014


If you ever were interested in learning how to potentially save a buddy or family member from high velocity puncture wounds, then Max Velocity Tactical has the course for you.

Tactical “Contact” Casualty Care or TC3.

Max takes a no B.S. approach to learning lifesaving skills during his TC3 class. Although I attended the second TC3 class taught at his school, Max was well organized and informed. His experience as a current serving combat medic helped authenticate the latest tools and techniques used to save lives in the field.

His crawl, walk, run method of learning kept us well focused and engaged during the full 8 hour class. We learned how to perform procedures that are quite over the edge and not taught in any advanced first aid classes that I have ever taken. Furthermore, Max goes into a detailed medical equipment list that you should carry with you in your modified IFAK kit. All students must embrace the suck as you are required to distance drag a person off the “X” to a position of cover, perform simulated assessment with required treatment then load the casualty onto a stretcher and carry them for a distance to experience how difficult the task really is out in a wooded hilly terrain.

This class is a reality check for any SHTF scenario and will challenge your med skill sets to the limit.
I highly recommend taking TC3 as part of the CRCD class!