AAR #3: CRCD March 29/30 2014 – CH

CRCD 29-30 Mar2014 2

So, what did you do on your vacation? I decided to leave the warmth of the Sunshine State and trek up to the rainy and snowy backwoods of West Virginia. Why you ask? To move beyond the square range. Being a reader of Max’s website, I decided to take his TC3 & CRCD classes.

The TC3 class is not “you got a boo boo, here’s a band aid and a lollipop and get on your merry way” type of class. It’s serious SHTF stuff. We’re talking about sucking chest wounds, arterial bleeding and more. Max is an Army medic and EMT so he has the skills and experience to teach it. His philosophy of “crawl, walk, run” isn’t lip service and the repetition of things has a purpose…to drill it into our brains. This is why we train. Dragging a casualty off the “X” or carrying them properly on a stretcher isn’t easy. Trust me.

The 2-day CRCD class was amazing. I had the opportunity to train with 11 other patriots from diverse backgrounds but one common goal: move beyond the square range and learn real world tactics. The British Army does light infantry tactics very well and Max’s Para pedigree makes him a great teacher. Safety is a priority and Max always watches what goes on. Remember we are all adults, safety starts with you.

Again Max applies the “crawl, walk, run” philosophy to the CRCD class. For someone like me with no military or LEO experience, I didn’t have a hard time grasping the concepts Max was teaching. Applying it on Max’s ranges takes it to the next level. Terrain, weather and my less than stellar PT were an eye opener. Embrace the suck and learn from it.

Fun? Yes. Intense? Very. Educational? Absolutely! The CRCD class gives you a fantastic foundation to build on. This is why we train.

Some random thoughts and observations:

-The facility is amazing even though there isn’t a square inch of level ground on the range!

Max was proud as hell over the completion of the expanded parking area.

-There is such a thing as “Navy right.”

-Max’s dry British humor is very underrated.

-Remember we have the accent, not Max.

-F’s & Duane’s Sunday lessons were great and insightful!

-Wear kneepads! My Blackhawk Hellstorms saved my knees.

-Work on your PT, you will need it!

-Max takes his tea seriously. PG Tips lads! Max, where were the McVitie’s Digestives?

-The class is a great way to test your rig and weapons setup.

-Bring your crappy weather gear! Thanks to my battle buddy Anthony for the use of his raincoat!

-Stay at the Koolwink. “So you’re here to see Max…” Guess MVT is becoming local legend!

The bottom line is get Max’s books, read them, take the class, read the books again because the things he taught you in the CRCD will make even more sense. Then get a like-minded battle buddy and train!

In Max we trust.

BTW I am Keyser Søze.