AAR # 3: Aug 31/Sep 1 Training Weekend, by ‘Skittles’

As second course student I will give a short and concise review of the benefits of taking the course multiple times. Other students did a fantastic job of detailing the multiple benefits of a new student and I feel there is little I can add to what they said. 
On the second time running the course I got to focus on my deficiencies that I noticed on the first time. Communications, hard targeting, better dispersal between fire team members, and fire team leading and accountability were my focus this time. I stated this to Max upon arrival and he made sure to focus on those areas with me. Needless to say at the end of the course those areas were vastly improved. Much beyond what I learned in the military. Max also threw some tougher scenarios into the mix for my team. My team mate was also a return student. The extra thing that Max taught me was how to handle SNAFU situations while under fire. Be it weapon stoppages or team members unable to hear commands due to the noise of battle. 
I thought the first course was excellent and a major learning experience even though I was already experienced. The second course solidified the previous courses knowledge and developed the finer points. I would highly recommend taking this course at least twice.