AAR # 1 – Sept 14/15 CRCD Training Weekend

As if he was reading my mind, I promise no collusion with this AAR and my post today:

(BTW: no photos from this weekend)


Course:  CRCD  Combat Rifle/ Contact Drill
Background: 55 y/o civilian with no .mil experience. I took the class to expand my experiences with my AR beyond the square range and to become more comfortable with the possibility of needing to use the firearm properly and with effect in a bad situation.
AAR: You have a ton of other after action reports on the experience. They all are true. What I “got out of it” could best be described in the following summary:
1. Incredible respect for the power of good small team tactics. The drills progressed to a final day of 2 and 4 man drills in both a break contact and attack on an enemy. Poor Max dealt with a group of older, clueless civilians and after day one, I could see the stress on his face. “Have I gotten through to them”? was written all over the poor blokes demeanor the first night. Speed and execution were choppy at best with most of us, and it seemed that we were fumbling about with the execution for the first day. The second day brought a much better result on the execution. But the speed was lacking! This brings me to the next thing learned:
2. PT, PT, PT, PT…….. physical training. I had lost 20 pounds prior to the course in response to reading Max and John Mosby at mountain guerrilla. Being fat and out of shape makes you nothing but a big target that will do nothing but provide cover fire for your mates when you get shot and they use your corpulent butt as a shield. I have 35 more to go, but towards the end of day one and day two, I am sure I looked like I was walking in quicksand. IT sure felt like it. That 35 can’t come off fast enough. 
3. I feel that I now have a chance to survive any shitstorm that comes my family’s way. I am in no way suggesting that I am anything but a rank amatuer. I need a ton more training but need a team here in my AO. Next trip with the family or others I trust.
Please look in your heart and realize that unless you have experience with the violence of a team attacking a position, and understanding the possible shitstorm that they bring, you will NEVER be prepared to properly defend your family. It takes a courageous person to step out of their comfort zone and understand how little you know, and what kind of work you need to do to make yourself better. Your family and loved ones around you deserve nothing less. Your constitution and country deserve nothing less. I may never be a front line warrior, my age and lack of experience with violence may make that difficult. But damn it, I will be as ready as I can be. Whatever my duties and wherever they take me. If not me, then who?
And Max…. I promise that wherever I end up, it won’t be with a Ruger 10/22 :-)
Thank you friend, I will see you again soon, and in better shape and even more deserving of your training. You are making a difference.
JB  Florida