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The MVT Versa Chest Rig is the first of its kind. This well designed and crafted, 100% MADE IN USA chest rig gives you the ability to carry 5.56x45mm (223) OR 7.62x51mm (308) magazines in the same rig – all with the simple swapping of a velcro fastened insert. Now you have the option to carry your 5.56 or .308 load-out interchangeably without having to pay for and carry around multiple individual chest rigs, or worry about universal closed-top magazine pouches! Not only is this rig great for civilians who have both caliber weapons, but it is also an excellent choice for military and contractors who deploy to other countries, and may operate using a variety of weapon calibers – adapting to the mission’s needs.

This rig has some outstanding features that make it the ultimate chest rig:
-Compass pouch located on the back of the chest rig – out of the way, easily accessible
-2 larger integrated pouches on the outer edges of the rig – both designed to fit the FLIR Scout and/or NODS
-2 smaller integrated pouches located next to the larger pouches
-3 specially configured columns of MOLLE in the center of the rig for maximum versatility
-This MOLLE can be used to add a magazine pouch for your go-to mag, TQ pouch, knife, etc.
We will soon be offering single MOLLE pouches that can be used for TQs, Radios, etc.
-“Tuck tab” design, providing secure closed-top pouches that can be accessed with complete silence – no velcro, buckle, or snap noise
-Quick-attach buckles that allow the chest rig to be attached to any plate carrier that has MOLLE on the front
-4 adjustable points for a “perfect fit” for almost any body type / shape
-Thin-padded H-harness design with “vertical” MOLLE – providing comfort to be worn by itself, or with a backpack

Initially, we are launching this with 5.56 and .308 caliber inserts, so when you purchase the MVT Versa Chest Rig, you will receive the rig and 2 inserts – 5.56 & 308.

We will very soon offer AK caliber inserts as well.


Note: depending on order volume, there may be a wait time of perhaps a couple of weeks on orders.

Below: MVT VERSA Rig, basic layout, 5.56 insert.


Below: MVT VERSA Rig, basic layout, 5.56 insert, .308 / 7.62 insert below:


Below: Max’s rig, rigged for 5.56, additional single MOLLE TQ pouches x 2 (flanks) plus additional single MOLLE TQ pouch re-purposed as a radio pouch. These pouches are by Tactical Tailor. We will shortly be introducing single MOLLE pouches without velcro (silent):


Below: basic rig showing orienteering compass removed from rear pouch (dummy-corded), also FLIR Scout (Thermal) removed from front left utility pouch (dummy-corded):


Below: Max’s rig showing compass and FLIR Scout removed:


Below: Max’s rig with 5.56 insert, gear removed and .308 insert ready below:


Retail on this rig is $245. These are Made in America in Ohio by AMH Tactical. Those guys are a cottage industry. Andy & Cate, plus other family members, have all trained at MVT. This is not made in a Chinese sweatshop.

The rig was designed by a collaboration of Max and Diz. It is a ‘Diz Rig’ which is actually pretty famous in the world of tactical rigging. The rig is superbly made to Diz’s exacting standards, fully box- and triple- stitched.

The VERSA rig allows you to rapidly switch out magazine calibers without having multiple rigs. Even if you don’t switch calibers much, or at all, it is still an excellent design. We will launch this with 5.56 and .308 calibers available. We are rapidly bringing online AK caliber inserts. The rig price includes two inserts of your choice, for example right now you will get the 5.56 and .308 inserts. AK will be available shortly. You can also purchase additional inserts as you wish.

We plan to also offer other camouflage patterns / colors besides the multicam.

Other bonus features are the tuck-tab pouch closure design that means there is no velcro on the rig and pouches can be accessed silently.

Not only is this rig a great design of itself, it offers the additional versatility of being able to switch out calibers per mission requirements. This will also have utility for military and contractors, who may be overseas and be issued different caliber weapons.


Here is a photo of max wearing the .308 insert rig:

Versa Rig

Here is an earlier video featuring the concept and one of the prototypes in .308 (named ‘CUTT Rig’ at the time. now ‘VERSA rig’). A new video will be made featuring the completed design: