2016 Training Schedule (+ Class Updates)

The outline training schedule for the remainder of 2016, beyond July, is now up. I have yet to add classes such as Combat Rifle Skills and Active Shooter CCW – this will happen in due course.





I have also made some changes to class construct, which will affect both the duration and price (in your favor). In outline:

  • There are no 6 Day Combined CTT/CP classes on the schedule. This is a deliberate decision and will cause some howls of outrage, simply because many viewed this as an economical way to travel long distances and ‘get it done.’ Sadly, the 6 day classes have historically shown the most students who show up completely unprepared, and once they are there, they are stuck. Often due to failure to read the freely available (blog/forum/website) information on classes, requirements, and what MVT training is really about. You are not ‘entitled’ to training if you show up completely physically or mentally unprepared, and negatively impact the training experience of other students.  Not that the classes are actually that hard, but you have to be able to move yourself around while remaining mentally alert for reasons of live fire safety. Here is some information on that on the Tactical Fitness Training Plans Page.
  • I have reduced the price of the 1 day Rifle Skills (RS) Class, which precedes CTT and is an optional add-on, from $200 to $100.
  • The above is designed to both allow you to do the 4 day RS/CTT combination for the same price as the previous 3 day CTT, and also to encourage you to do it. I have nothing but positive feedback on the RS class and the benefit it has to students for the remainder of CTT, and their overall quality of experience. I encourage you to change your outlook on this 4 day event, from being ‘too long’ because you have to take a couple of days off work, to viewing it as an annual training event, a significant investment in your training, that is worth taking the 4 days to attend. We have designed these classes as an excellent progression and what we teach you simply cannot be done in a few hours or a weekend. You either want to be dangerous to your enemies, or you don’t.
  • The Combat Patrol (CP) Class, for which CTT is a prerequisite, is now a 4 day event. This is to allow more training time, depth, and also revision of some content from CTT. The format of CP has already been amended and improved, and this extra day will improve it more. The previous 3 day CP was $600, this new 4 day CP is now $650. At 4 days, this is now a significant training event on its own merits.
  • We will continue to run the 2 day Force on Force Team Tactics Classes.
  • Rather than the 6 day combined classes, we now have two significant 4 day training events in the RS/CTT and CP classes. Coming to RS/CTT will allow you to assess your fitness , gear and readiness levels before coming back for further CTT classes, or then doing CP. Combat Patrol is invaluable because although CTT teaches you the basics of maneuver under fire, CP gives you the operational tactical skills of security patrolling, reconnaissance, raid and ambush.
  • For remote group or open enrollment private classes, we will continue to offer the combination classes. We ask organizers to simply make people aware of the class basic fitness and gear requirements. The 6 day CTT/CP class (3 day CP format) is available as well as the new 4 day CP format.

I cannot stress enough that if you are out there as one of the recipients of the ‘free chicken’ from this blog and the MVT Forum, that you are deluding yourself about your chances of survival or potential performance in a gun battle. You NEED professional training to get you on the right page with ‘what right looks like.’ MVT classes include a lot of battle inoculation, and students are amazed at how much they learn, and the realization that they would simply have had no clue in a contact situation if they had not been through CTT. You cannot simply read or watch videos and be able to perform even the basics of react to contact and fire and movement. When I see the country starting to slip down the drain with the deliberately agitated violence directed at Trump rallies, and I consider the potential for violence, I simply cringe at the danger when everyone starts breaking out their firearms – the amount of potential incompetent ‘friendly fire’ is alone terrifying!

You don’t know what you don’t know. No, really, you don’t. Get professional training.

“Team Coyote.”