You will need Combat Patrol as well as CTT for the Advanced Classes

I posted yesterday (HERE)  about the change in the scheduling policy for open enrollment classes and the push towards group private training.

The new classes that I mentioned, planned to be coming online in 2016 (date TBD) are advanced classes for serious students only and will require the prerequisite of both Combat Team Tactics (CTT) and Combat Patrol (CP).

The two new classes are (names not nailed down yet):

  • These are advanced classes.
  • Infiltration, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (IRS) will be a 3 day advanced patrolling class. Prerequisite will be Combat Patrol. This is a serious class for serious students.
  • Team Leader will be a 3 day tactics / leadership class. We are still doing R&D on the solution for effective force on force training in the woods. Prerequisite will be Combat Patrol.
  • These classes will be run once or twice a year, in order to ensure they are filled by serious students of tactics and family protection.

Want to live out of your ruck in the woods for three days with Lee? Then sign up for IRS when it becomes available, if you are serious. On reflection, we may even make qualifying as a Rifleman at the MVT Rifleman Challenge a prerequisite, in order to assure a level of physical fitness. How about that for creating a bottleneck for training? If you could see me typing, you would not see ‘the face of concern.’

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of the excuses I see out there for readiness. Understand that you need to be able to find your ‘anger switch’ at a moments notice in the cold/wet/heat/rain/hunger/exhaustion. Understand that the enemy does not give a shit that you were unable to put down the cheeseburger, that you are a ‘sports fan,’ that you could never find time in your ‘busy schedule’ for physical training, that you could never bother to attend tactical training. Understand that the enemy just wants to kill you. The enemy wants to stop any movement on your part that threatens him. The enemy will keep pumping rounds onto your lifeless carcass until he is sure that you are no longer moving. The effective range of an excuse is death.

Someone, at this point, usually chirps up with ‘business advice.’ Something along the lines of creating more of a bottle neck for classes. Or ‘customer service’ because now I upset all the ‘fatties’ out there who want to cuddle up with their KrispyCremes and perpetuate the fantasy. If you are not  a serious student, and not willing to make the effort to make the right changes, then you are not someone who should be interested in MVT, and not someone who I care to hear whining about what we do here. Go do your BS ‘carbine driving’ on your tacticool range.

If you know anything about MVT, you will know that it is not a ‘business’ in  the normal sense of the word. Yes, we have costs to cover, but we don’t make any money because it goes back into the training site and equipment purchase / development. Like whatever sim weapons we end up buying for the FoF etc.

We created MVT to make training available to serious students “in order to keep good folks alive” in uncertain times.

I have already decided to concentrate more on my books, which actually put food on my kids table, and thus for training, I am only interested in serious students. If I run more open enrollment classes, I immediately have to wonder if they will all be filled, or at least filled enough to be viable. If I run less, and concentrate on private classes, I can worry less about ‘the business’ and just deal with those who really want to learn. I would rather have less classes over-subscribed than too many under-subscribed.

Because the truth is that most civvies out there will not get off their asses for training.

I think you really need to grok this: I really love running training. It is incredibly satisfying to train people up on these classes and know they now have a better chance of survival. But I’m not going to scramble at it. People either want training or they don’t. Granted, my classes are all running and they only have a few spare spaces on them, but given the quality of the  training and the excellent student reviews, students should be beating down the doors to get onto over-subscribed classes.

The fact that the general public are not beating down those doors, that we have a dedicated sub-set of students, is a reflection, in my mind, to the motivation of the general citizen to keep their families alive. They just don’t know what they don’t know.

Also, they are mostly just sheep. Who are the warriors? Just the few. The dedicated students.

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.”


Which of those hundred are you?

Training is for me, a passion. I went full time due to demand and to make the training services available. I will continue to do this so long as the demand is there. It has occurred to me to just shut up shop at times, just write books, so as to not have to deal with the haters. I believe Mosby has stopped doing open enrollment classes and I considered doing same, and just making myself available for private group classes. I decided to take a middle road, and simply reduce open enrollment classes.

Oh yeah, and stop nickel and diming me on classes! It’s not that I don’t offer discounts anyway, but the classes, for what they are, are cheaper than anything else out there on the market, in order to try and make them accessible. And also so you understand that it is not about “making money.” Its simply about keeping the business afloat and being able to reinvest in growth of the training services on offer.

I know that a selfless attitude is something that is alien to many in this shitty society that with live in.

If you want to do an advanced class, you need to have at least done CTT and CP. Don’t want to do CP because it involves a night in a patrol base? Then you are not a serious student and therefore I don’t care. Go away and live in your fantasy.

CTT will teach you the basics of fire and movement, team tactics, and break contact drills. CP will teach you how to patrol and conduct operations such as security patrolling, recce, raid, ambush. i.e. things that are vital if you want to keep your family safe in a collapse.

If you want to learn team leadership on the F0F tactics class, or move on to Combat Patrol II: Infiltration, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, then you have to have completed the basic patrolling class that is Combat Patrol.

As I posted a few days ago HERE, I do have various spaces available on classes pre-Christmas. I have spaces available on the Combat Patrol Class  November 20-22. The next scheduled Combat Patrol is not until May 27-29 2016.

Suck it up buttercup.