Why I choose MVT time after time…..

I am currently sitting on a plane flying home from the Deep South where I just attended a firearms training class put on by a very well regarded training company that travels across the country training civilians, LE, and Fed/military in all types of tactical topics. I had a great time, and learned a lot, but I still felt like it didnt hit on all cylinders and just wasn’t complete. I have been to quite a few places for training and I’ve found there are three types of places to go learn this stuff; you have the LE schools, they are of course most applicable to cops etc, then you have the competition/square range places, they have less to offer serious shooters but of course are catering to people that don’t want to run, kneel, or sweat while training, and then finally there is MVT. It’s just not comparable to anything else out there. Max and 1SGT just have this stuff down, and if given the option I can’t think of a reason to let someone I care about train anywhere else.

I walked away from training this last week wondering why nobody else can figure out how to run a carbine?!?!?! I’m not exaggerating, I have yet to find an instructor, much less a student that gets carbines like they do at MVT. Maybe it’s because cops and competitive types are not humping long guns around like soldiers do so they never had to learn it like Max and 1SGT or maybe they are just scary and they want to focus on handguns, but the weird stuff that is being taught, not just done, but TAUGHT, is almost laughable, and is most definitely dangerous when it comes down to running a gun to save your life. And it doesn’t stop at carbines, 1SGT’s handgun training has left more than one person walking away after class thinking “how did Icarry this thing for so long without knowing all the stuff Scott just showed me in a few short days.” MVT is not just for carbines, it’s basically anything that goes bang!

Of all the varieties of classes MVT has run from FOF, to CQB, to long range, to the bread and butter CTT/HEAT classes, I’ve never felt in danger but the last two non-MVT classes I attended I saw students injured because the systems to keep them safe were not in place or followed. Isn’t coming home in one piece high on everyone’s list of training requirements? You can joke about the “yelling” at MVT all you want but anyone that’s been there knows the yelling is mostly out of fun and when it’s not it is to keep the range safe and to ensure we all go home afterwards.

So not necessarily a “class review” for a particular MVT class but more so an opinion on the overall system of MVT vs. what else is out there, I felt the need to throw this up. To anyone that hasn’t made it to MVT, you need to get there, it’s unlike anything else available and better than anything comparable. And to anyone that has been to MVT but saw a whiz bang fancy training on YouTube from someone else that you wanted to attend, I can only say, don’t let them untrain any of the good stuff you learned at MVT, and you might want to wear extra soft armor under your plates while you are “training” because your safety has now become your first priority.

Thanks MVT for all the great info! Keep it up!