Who is Max Velocity, and what is Max Velocity Training?


Max is a husband and family oriented father, a U.S Citizen and lifelong soldier with extensive military experience. He has served in both the British and US Armies. He is a former officer with British Special Operations Forces, with the Parachute Regiment which is Britain’s elite quick reaction force and which augments the UK Special Forces Support Group (SFSG). Max served on six operational deployments, including to Afghanistan immediately post-9/11, and also a tour training and selecting recruits for the Regiment. Max passed both Parachute Regiment and UK Special Forces Aptitude Selection during his career. Max then spent five years serving as a paramilitary contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan. This included working on contract for the US Government in Iraq, a year of which was based out of Fallujah, the rest variously based out of Baghdad and country-wide, and also two years working for the British Government in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. These roles were operational security / paramilitary roles that included exposure to multiple different training methods and operational schools of thought, as well as both high profile and low profile mobile operations across Iraq and Afghanistan. After settling in the United States, Max worked as the global security advisor for one of the largest hotel chains in the world. He also joined the U.S. Army Reserves. Max now operates Max Velocity Tactical full time, in line with his mission to “keep good folks alive.”

Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) is the leading provider of tactical training for the armed, free citizen. Training is focused on those seeking to be better prepared and able to defend themselves and their families in these uncertain times. Training is inclusive to the family / group and is designed on a ‘crawl – walk – run’ progression to ensure it is attainable. Safety is stressed during training and we have had individuals, groups, families, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, teenagers and grandfathers through the training classes.

Intent: To educate and train citizens in the correct ways to conduct tactics and make decisions, thereby increasing the survivability and effectiveness of trained citizens when facing tactical threats.

Texas 2016 Class Photo

Max Velocity Tactical classes specialize in the teaching of combat proven, adapted, legitimate light infantry tactics, techniques and procedures. Training is informed by a background and experience in SOF / elite forces, and additionally by close protection / paramilitary contracting work. These classes are the real deal, and the tactics, techniques and procedures are familiar to any graduate of Ranger School or SFQC. Tactical classes are not simply a regurgitation of basic military manuals or training, but are adapted to the armed citizen, based on real world operational experience in hostile / combat environments. These classes are both serious, but attainable through a designed training progression brought by the many years operational and training experience present in the MVT cadre.


Max Velocity Tactical operates the Velocity Training Center (VTC) tactical and leadership training facility near to Romney, West Virginia. Private training and consultancy are also available on request, with remote classes available across the country at a suitable site of your choosing. The use of electronic pop-up ‘Ivan’ targets on the live tactical ranges adds an additional quality to the training scenarios. These electronic pop-ups are also brought to remote classes, utilizing designed AR500 target shields, allowing the rapid setup of live tactical ranges without the digging of target pits.

Texas 6 Day 2016

Outline class List:

Combat Rifle Skills

Combat Team Tactics

Combat Patrol

Citizen Close Combat (CQB)

Force on Force Team Tactics (utilizing UTM Man Marker Rounds)

Night Fighting

Mobility / Convoy Tactical Training

Remote Site Group Private Classes

Remote Site Open Enrollment Classes

Combination / Designed Private Classes.

Max is an author and blogger, bringing tactical instruction through the medium of the blogtactical manuals, and novels.  MVT is an organization dedicated to providing a platform for the constructive discussion and training on all matters tactical and related for the rational, armed, free citizen. We do this while remaining free from dogma, or falling into narrow thinking. We apply an open minded, analytical and constructive approach.

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