Weekend Training Photos: Combat Rifle & Combat Patrol

Below: Combat Rifle Class:

CR Oct 14 1

Below: Combat Patrol Class:

CP Oct 14 6

Below: Hasty Ambush on the way to occupy the Patrol Base:

CP Oct 14 8

Below: Rucking to the Patrol Base:

CP Oct 14 7

Below: Rally after a squad break contact drill:

CP Oct 14 1

Below: Patrol Base being set up:

CP Oct 14 3

Below: Putting up an MVT SHIELD:

CP Oct 14 5

Below: 3 x MVT SHIELDs in the Patrol Base. 2 unpainted, 1 painted:

Patrol Base Overview

Below: putting up an MVT SHIELD in the Patrol Base:

Pagtrol Base narrow view