Vital Tactical Reading! + Misc

I posted yesterday about the ‘interruption in service’ due to my ongoing house move. I simply haven’t had time for the usual blog posts this week. I usually post in response to a question, a thought, and reflection or similar that gives me an idea that I expand into a blog post. My mind has not had the downtime for that this week…sorry.
I try to put out a lot of ‘free’ information on my blog. One thing I am not into, however, is ‘doctrine dumps’. I don’t see much relevance in pure doctrine anyway unless it is adapted and utilized for civilian use in an SHTF type situation. That is what I aim to do with my blog writing – use my past training and experiences to write useful drills, SOPs, TTPs and practical tips in general, for use by you in preparation for potential SHTF. 
I also have books available. Those books have the deliberate purpose of being there to educate you. You can get a lot off of the blog, but you can get a whole lot more from the books, particularly if you read them along with ongoing updates on the blog. I was reading recently a comment about printing stuff off blogs and keeping it. Well, yes, El Cheapo, that is one way, or you could buy the books that are designed to have it all laid out within. Unless you are part of the Free Shit Army then there is still merit in buying worthwhile stuff at a fair price. 
I know many of you already have the books, but given that I probably won’t be posting much until next week, it seems like a good idea to leave up a reminder about the resource available that is my books. Thanks!
‘Contact!: A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival’

This is the tactical manual and it will give you the tools and tactics to get out and train to survive. 

‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises’

This is a novel set in a realistic near future collapse/civil war scenario. 
It is designed to paint the picture of the use of tactics that are described in the manual, Contact.
For those that want to train with me and put the skills into practice, my September and October training weekends are currently full but the last scheduled 2013 weekend, November 9/10, still has spaces available. I will be putting up the schedule for 2014 probably next week. 
Thank you.
Live Hard, Die Free.
P.S. I any of you experience any oddness or problems with buying the books through Amazon, please let me know. Things seem to have gone a bit squirrelly since the 4th September which was the last reported sale of any of my books. It’s really odd because the books sell well and at a fairly predictable steady rate, around the same number each month. Sales continued into the start of this month selling really well till the 4th, then nothing shows up after that on the reports. It’s a break in the pattern, it makes no sense that no-one bought any of the three books. I even went and bought one myself to check the reporting, but that sale has not shown up yet either. Amazon tells me the book is on the way though. Kindle sales seem to be continuing at a normal rate. Customer service at CreateSpace, which is an Amazon subsidiary and the publisher, tell me that all is well and sales are being reported accurately, but it stands to reason that something is wrong. I am worried about some kind of cyber repression or something….it would appear the options are either:
1) Suddenly no-one bought any of my books. Ouch!
2) There is a simple break down in the reporting system.
3) There is foul play at work – which if the case, proves they are worth reading!
If you order a book and can’t, or it never arrives, or something odd, please let me know. Thanks!