VIDEOs illustrating infantry maneuver

I had a comment a while back on one of my posts, asking if I had video to illustrate infantry attack and maneuver, break contact etc. I have been looking for what is available on YouTube. Here is what I have found so far:

Plt Sgt’s Course live firing on C range Brecon

This video(above) is of either a company or platoon attack on a live firing range at the British infantry training ranges. It is difficult to get the bigger picture but what you are seeing is clips of live fire support and maneuver as each squad goes through and assaults the next objective.
It is the assault cycle of : ASSAULT – FIRE SUPPORT – RESERVE
The guys walking around with the luminous helmet covers or vests are the safety; they are also telling the soldiers to “switch fire” for safety reasons as the assaulting squads go in on the objective.
When Max Velocity served with the British Army, I was fully qualified to plan and conduct such Stage 5 Field Firing Ranges. Still am! That’s why I bought land, so I can put in some tactical live firing maneuver, which is just not provided at commercial ranges.
This is an interesting one:

British Forces In Firefight with Taliban ( Afghanistan )

It is good to show the anatomy of a squad (section) at work under fire. They do a break contact and some peeling. Note how weighed down they are with gear – not only weapons and ammo, but their day packs also contain electronic counter measure equipment against IEDs, and you can see how heavy they are. Take what you can from the video, obviously you will not have the heavy weapons and support that they have.

New Zealand Army infantry – Jungle Fire and Movement

Royal Marines training- Commando course

This one shows some Royal Marine recruits doing a blank section (squad) attack. You can see how they come under fire, suppress the enemy position, leave a base of fire team in place, send an assault team to the flank and then fire and move as they fight through. Basic drills.
That’s all I have for now. I’ll keep looking!