VIDEOS: Contact – Afghanistan + Drills

VIDEO HERE – from 1:30 onwards:

React to Contact – Break Contact – Peel – Rally – Go Again – Man Down – CASEVAC etc.

If you have read my books or been to one of my classes, you will recognize what is going on here.

This is another useful VIDEO HERE

You will go through very similar contact drills, first as a buddy pair, then as a four man team, on my Combat Rifle / Contact Drills course. There are various ways of conducting these drills, very similar based on the principle of fire and movement  to break contact, and you will be shown a couple of variations and run through some live fire contact drills. 
There are a couple of details left out in the video – but hey, its for a TV show right? – such as the Rally after breaking contact, before moving off.

Live Hard, Die Free.