Video: Real Combat: Colombian Troops Wiped Out

This is an interesting video because we can draw some rapid lessons learned from it. I have only scanned this once, this is no deep analysis. The relevant part starts at around 14:00 minutes.

Rapid takeaways:

1) The troops displayed no aggressiveness, or small unit tactics. They hardly returned fire at all, or coordinated any movement. Poor training.

2) The troops were focused on reinforcement and evacuation using air assets. When you are on the ground you have to act, as if you are on your own. They were on their own when they were killed, and as a survivalist you will not have any air assets.

3) They also focused on fire support generated from air assets (again you won’t have this). This was ineffective, particularly in the jungle terrain (canopy. vegetation etc). The chain guns were unable to effect the maneuver of the FARC guerrillas.

4) They stayed put, split between the village and the hill. Cover is only temporary. At class, how many times do I tell you that if you stay put, the enemy will maneuver on you? This is exactly what happened. They would have been better off running some break contact drills and fighting away to consolidate in a better position for extraction.

5) The FARC guerrillas closed on the government forces using maneuver and the flanks. See CUTT Operations HERE. They closed with the government troops, after fixing them in position. Once they were close, they no longer had to worry about the air assets, it was all danger close at that point.

6) If you can throw a grenade at the enemy, they can throw one back at you! Be in cover!

7) If you are conducting security force operations in an area of overwhelming enemy superiority, you need to make it short and sharp and patrol off so they cannot get a fix on your location. If they do locate you, you need to move aggressively to another location and try to break the envelopment. If you cannot withdraw, then at least take the fight to the enemy and try to fight out.

8) Reliance on air assets and ‘call for fire’ has been the death of small unit tactics in modern armies. Use the weapons and training that you have, and FIGHT.

9) Those asking for battle inoculation sounds of incoming fire will find some in this video. Zip/crack etc.