VIDEO: Pathfinder Platoon

I was a little irritated to see the 75th Ranger Regiment described as “the finest light infantry force in the world.”

According to who?

I personally think that The Parachute Regiment is the finest light infantry force in the world. However, it’s British. Ooops. You know, there are competent military’s beyond the shores of this ‘Merica. Just because you say you are the best, doesn’t make it so. It’s pure enthusiasm. So myopic. You can never be the best unless you look out and see what the standards are. You can’t just decide to be the best, because you want to be.

Cue some “Hooahhhh!” false enthusiasm of the best kind!

Anyway, while looking for a suitable video, initially of The Parachute Regiment, I decided on this one instead about the Pathfinder Platoon. You won’t have heard of the Pathfinder Platoon. It’s not the SAS. It is the reconnaissance element for 16 Air Assault Brigade. The Parachute Regiment has one battalion (1 PARA) in the SFSG, and two battalions (2 & 3 PARA) in 16 AA Brigade. The Pathfinders sit in 16 AA Brigade. The Pathfinders run their own selection class.

Reader of ‘Patriot Dawn,’ and attendees on my Combat Team Tactics classes, may see some familiar looking stuff in parts of this video!



You know why!