VIDEO (High Quality): Mobility: Break Contact Right, Vehicle 2 immobilized

3 vehicle convoy. Contact right, road open.

Vehicle 2 is immobilized. Vehicle 1 is in an overwatch support by fire position to the flank. Vehicle 3 pushes through the killing area (reduced speed for safety) and joins vehicle 1.

In this drill vehicle 3 does not stop to ‘cross deck’ vehicle 2, because we are dealing with unarmored vehicles,which are bullet magnets. Thus, in this case, the crew from vehicle 2 will peel out dismounted under support fire from vehicle 1 and 3, off to a flank.

There are ways and means, and reasons for many things in this training scenario. You have to show up to class for the full story – the WHY?

Explanations can also be found here:

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