Video From July 20-21 Training Weekend

Max Demos Buddy Pairs Fire & Movement

React to Contact Individual Drills – Contact Left & Front – Day 1 AM


React to Contact Individual Drills – Contact Right  – Day 1 AM

Team Break Contact – Contact Front – Day 2
I am adding this comment after I had some tactical midgets negatively comment when I posted it on Facebook. Irritated the hell out of me! This is not a promotional staged video, it’s real guys going through training. Below is pretty much what I said:

This video needs some explanation. For the uninitiated or tactically inexperienced it may be hard to follow, and it is not the best quality video. For those that commented about interval what you are seeing is myself and Sam (photographing) just ahead of the video guy, walking tight up the back of the patrol so I can immediately do safety once I have popped up the targets at the right moment. The patrol is decently spaced as instructed for the drill to be run on this range.

This is the second day of training and the first ever live team contact drill these guys have done and they did very well, armchair critics and keyboard commandos aside. There are two pauses in the suppressive fire in the video, one initially for safety as I push the right buddy pair further right for a safety angle, and then after the second contact when I tell a guy in the left buddy pair to move who has stopped to concentrate on a weapons stoppage. 

Once the patrol comes under contact, they move as instructed from single file into a rough line facing the threat to the front. They then fight back in buddy pairs until they break contact. There is the initial target that creates the ‘Contact Front’, and when I put that down the patrol begins to move back by bounding overwatch (no enemy (target) to shoot at). I then pretty rapidly put up a target quarter left (you hear a guy call “Contact Left!” which is not strictly accurate). The team then continues back by fire and movement. This is where the second pause comes in as a guy goes static trying to clear a serious stoppage. You see me walk over and encourage him to continue to bound back to get out of the contact and continue to try and clear it as he moves back.  His buddy (it was actually a father and son buddy team) is still putting down fire to cover the other pair’s move, so it’s fine and the best way to get off the X rapidly.

After breaking contact, the team  rallies into a hasty ambush security position. The hasty ambush is three guys covering back up the trail in case the enemy follows up, with one guy pulling rear security. Once they have checked each other and done any tactical reloads, they move off rapidly down the trail to escape the area.

Live Hard, Die Free.