Updates to MVT Cadre Page

I have just added Scott’s (‘First Sergeant’) bio to the MVT Cadre page (under the ‘ABOUT‘ menu tab).

Student Reviews will mention instructors and it is not always the same ones, for example on CTT. There are currently four people that are part of the MVT Cadre:

Chris: currently deployed as a contractor, which is why you haven’t seen his name in recent Student Reviews.

Lee: he has recently taken the lead as primary instructor for the Citizen Close Combat (C3) Classes.

Scott: otherwise known as ‘First Sergeant,’ he has been keeping me straight on CTT classes, and making sure I don’t crash the Ranger again.

Fred: the MVT resident CBRN (Chem, Bio, Rad, Nuke) expert.

There is always a need for Cadre. Whether that is to come and help with safety, or as an AI on one of the classes etc. I have found most of my Cadre because they came and trained at a class. It sounds a little counter-intuitive, but these guys are serious about training, they heard about MVT, and the best way they could come and both check it out and also get some refresher training, was to actually attend a class. This is why they are exceptional: sadly, a lot of veterans think they know it all, or have given up on their fighting ability. They don’t think they need training. We all need more training. If I wasn’t constantly teaching classes, I would like to be able to do more personal training.

For every x number of veterans who think they no longer need to train, I have seen an excellent minority come though MVT classes to hone their skills and learn things they may never have done before. That includes active duty military and several Special Forces soldiers.

As an ancient Chinaman apparently said: “Wise man learn by other peoples mistakes.” Or, said differently: you don’t know what you don’t know!