Updates from MVT: Heading into 2020

I have been fairly quiet recently on this blog and social media. MVT is definitely still here and we have a full roster of classes throughout the year. I recently returned from the sixth annual Texas class, which was an excellent class, and now I am looking towards the start of the training season.

Things were busy over the winter with legislative events in Virginia. Although I made a lot of noise initially about events in Virginia, and the struggle is by no means over, I have now focused locally on building self-reliance and Liberty-based resilience in my local community. Thus, you won’t hear much about it. Please note that although I live in Virginia, the VTC is in West Virginia – there is nothing going with Virginia laws that will effect any training at the VTC in West Virginia.

We are facing the COVID-19 epidemic. Many are in denial over the possible effects of this virus. I am taking a rational approach and at this time have no intention of cancelling any training events. Just bring Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer! As time progresses, we will keep an eye on events, and make sensible choices if it starts to look like student travel is being impacted etc.

However, I am more than ever aware that with the COVID-19, the economic implications, the issues in Virginia, with the upcoming elections in November, we may be facing a perfect storm and it is now more than ever that I need to make the VTC available for those of you who need to get tactical training. It has an urgency that we have not seen since 2016.

There are still plenty of spaces available on the scheduled classes, so please take a look at the training calendar. If you are able to book a space on a training event, then there are spaces available.