Updated Info on the Combat Leader Class

I am just back in from Texas, happy that we ran a series of excellent classes. It was great to see the Texas alumni again (not that I let them know it, among all the yelling). ;-)

From chat in the AARs in Texas, and what I have seen on the MVT Forum, I am clarifying and making changes to the Combat Leader Course (CLC) page.

1) The first of these classes is running at the VTC (Romney, WV) 2 – 9 April 2017. The class has sufficient enrollment and is running.

2) This is not a live fire class. It is open enrollment. However, attendance at CTT/CP is recommended, or alternative SUT training / experience.

3) This class is intended as the next step from Combat Patrol. In fact, it can be viewed as Combat Patrol / Direct Action II. It is currently intended as an annual event held only at the VTC.

4) I have updated the class page to reflect a change in HOW you may attend. There are now 3 types of attendees permitted on the class:

  • Leadership Student (will receive a command rotation).
  • Rifleman Student (will not receive a command rotation).
  • OPFOR volunteer – the 6 slots are filled for the April class.

This is designed to encourage attendance without the factor of fear of failure. You can attend as a rifleman to absorb the training and take part in all the missions, without command rotation liability. Or you can attend for the leadership experience of having a command rotation.

Class numbers are at 11 right now out of a maximum of 18 attendees. This is healthy and the class will run, and run well, but a couple more would make a larger full sized squad / patrol. 13 is probably ideal.  I will also be asking those who are currently enrolled what type of student they want to be.

5) Mostly you will be running short term missions out of the ‘FOB’ campsite (comfort camp). These may go up to maximum 12 hours and are designed to train / test the process of the leadership appointments. They will follow the planning / orders / rehearsals  / mission execution format against the OPFOR. Thus, you will need to:

  • Camp comfortably at the FOB.
  • Conduct missions wearing a combination of lite battle belt, chest rig / PC, and lite daypack.
  • OPFOR will live at the CQB hut location.


Combat Leader Course (CLC) 


Below: CQB hut location, now roofed.

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