Update: ‘Patriot Dawn’ & Training Schedule

‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises’:
I am grateful and relieved to see the overwhelmingly positive response to ‘Patriot Dawn’. I have not yet been able to begin the sequel, despite many calls for when it will be published. I have some projects I have to get done first and then I will get onto it.
I have noticed that some who either read or simply view ‘Patriot Dawn‘ on Amazon are offended by its obvious Patriot/anti-regressive political message. Because of this I have been subject to a ‘rash’ of malicious reviews (not that many in the bigger picture, but it adds up) Unfortunately although this cannot cancel out the positive reviews, it does eat away at the rating. 
I’m not sure if some of these reviews are by genuine sheeple who just browsed the wrong book due to ‘Patriot Dawn’s‘ increasing popularity and visibility,  or whether they are deliberate regressive troll efforts to sabotage readership numbers. Or a mix of both.
I don’t mind a  bit of constructive criticism, perhaps even someone who genuinely did not like what the book was about, or aspects to it. There is a danger of someone not understanding the aim of the book as ‘tactical fiction’ with an educational message underlying it. What irks me are the deliberately destructive reviews by people who often have either not read the book or are too dumb to get that it is based on real tactics/combat and contains real information.
I would ask that if you have read ‘Patriot Dawn‘ and enjoyed it, please take the time to give it a good review on Amazon, to cancel out some of those troll reviews. The real reviews genuinely stand out. Thank you!
Training Schedule:
I have received many requests for training, thank you to those who have emailed me. I have not yet published a schedule because I am deep in weekend manual labor on the land on West Virginia. I like to do things the hard way and not spend money on contractors! It may be a month or so before I am able to start training simply because I am working on the infrastructure of the place, such as clearing roads and ranges and getting the area to a standard where I can run some decent training.
I would love to be up there all week working and training at weekends, but I still have a real job that I pretend to do during the week.
The way the training will work in outline, until at some point I invest in cabins and/or infrastructure for a camping area, is that I will pass a list out to attendees containing local hotels/motels within a decent distance of the site. There is also a camp ground relatively close that will likely serve as the RV point. You will come in to the RV point in the morning, be led into the site, complete training and be guided out at close of play. Repeat for however many days you are training for. That’s the simple solution to the lack of infrastructure on what is essentially a site of wooded ridges in WV! Love it.
More to follow…