Update on MVT Training

We have been somewhat quiet here at MVT; there is no need for rhetoric, and only time for training.

We have been making up for the first part of the year (lost to China Virus) by rescheduling. This latter part of the year has been filled with rescheduled classes. We have just scheduled another Recon class in October (separate post).

However, there are still a number of spaces on the classes that are already on the training calendar.

I do not know what will happen next year. The country is either descending into Civil War, perhaps by this winter or next spring, or it will limp on a little longer. As such, I have no intention of putting out a calendar for next year at this time. That also applies to the Texas Class – not to say it won’t run, but we are making closer calls this time around. Next years calendar will have to wait.

At this time, I am focusing on classes held at the VTC Romney, and ones that are scheduled already on the training calendar. I would urge you that if you have not trained, or have not trained recently, that you need to get to training on one of the remaining spots available.

I have paused on YouTube and social media. I have no intention of putting out training information that may be misused by anarchist elements. I have deleted a significant number of YouTube videos. At this time, there is no free training: I have my classes available, and I have my various manuals (for those who can read, and have an attention span).

To summarize: Training, Training, Training. Take this time before the storm to train. Winter is coming.

Training Calendar